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Please ensure that your registration has been processed before you arrange payment. If your entry is not marked as 'Pay Now' then do not pay.

To be clear, DO NOT PAY unless you have received an email telling you that you may pay!

Once you have been invited to pay, your entry is not confirmed until you have paid. If you do not pay in the time given your entry will be moved back to the waiting list.

Your payment is usually non refundable*, nor can it be transfered to another pilot.

Competition cost: €270 Eur (£240* GBP)


To pay by bank transfer please also email us to confirm the details of your transfer so that we can identify your payment.


Nova KBM D.D.
Ulica Vita Kraigherja 4, SI-2000 MARIBOR

IBAN; SI56043470262961675

Brett Janaway, Zg Sorica 58a , 4229 Sorica


SORT CODE: 11-18-11
NAME: Mr BA Janaway
BANK: Halifax Bank


You can arrange payment via our Paypal account, which is secure and accepts international payments.

EUR (Euro) payments
To pay by PAYPAL, please send €270 EUR to email address "paypalEUR@flyevent.org".

GBP (English pounds) payments
To pay by PAYPAL, please send £240* GBP to email address "paypalGBP@flyevent.org".

Sending it 'to a friend' avoids the fees and gives more money for competition prizes and event organising.

Please include your name in the messages box if using someone else's Paypal.

Paying by Paypal means your entry fee is paid immediately, unlike bank transfers which can take several days. This ensures you do not miss out on your place if you are close to the payment deadline.


Pilots should note our cancellation policy, in-keeping with all major events;

Any pilots who cancels their registration will be given refunds as follows:
> Cancellation date more than 60 days before competition start date = 50%
refund of entry price
> Cancellation date less than 60 days before comp start = 0% refund of entry price

Cancellations must be informed by email and the date at which the email is received will be used to calculate your refund.

Please be aware, refunds are not immediate. If we are busy in the main flying season then we only do admin 1 day per month. Your deposit and/or payment is NOT transferable. There is a strict selection process and you cannot bypass this by passing your payment to another pilot.

Please ensure you have adequate holiday travel insurance to cover any losses if you later find you are unable to participate!


All competition Payments are being handled by Brett Janaway, on behalf of the competition. They shall be transferred into and kept in a separate holding account for the purposes of administrating the competition.


* The entry fee is set in EUR, but for ease of payment for UK based pilots we will offer a GBP rate. This rate may change on occasion to equate to the EUR rate.

A Sports Classe (EN-A to EN-C event with FAI Cat2 status for paraglider pilots wanting to take their competition flying to the next level.


General Info


Registration opens soon

Registration for the Naviter Open event started on December 19th at 11am CET. Payments can start paying from Thursday 3rd January 2019.

The venue for 2019 is Tolmin, SLOVENIA. This venue has a long history of competitions, both big and small and we feel it is the right choice for the 2019 Naviter Open.

Dates are 15 - 22 June 2019


Sponsors and prizes

We are pleased to announce the following sponsors:

Naviter (Oudie & Seeyou)
Cross Country Magazine

We have a generous selection of prizes to give at this years events instruments, holidays and much more!


What is the Naviter Open?

The Naviter Open is more than just a paragliding competition. It's an Event. It includes all the following and more:

FAI Competition
Talks from experts
Task briefings & debriefings
Prizes galore
Achievable XC
Top pilots flying with you
Lots of coaching & tips
Fun Fun Fun


Update your details

For 2019 we will again be using the Airtribune platform for all registrations and event management. Airtribune offers a superior platform for the organisation of events in general.

In order to allow a faster registration for yourself on December 19th, we encourage you to register an account with Airtribune today.

CLICK HERE to go to Airtribune.com

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