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Why did we start the Naviter Open?
The Naviter Open is a serious, but fun paragliding competition and flying event. Less about flying the latest hot-ships and more about achievable tasks. Less about stressful competition and more about fun flying in a stress-free environment. The Naviter Open capitalizes on all we learned in organizing the GIN Wide Open, but taking it to the next level....

Having experienced the GIN Wide Open, most pilots wanted to return, particularly as every year we change venue, have new speakers and generally improve the event year-on-year.
Where possible, we prioritized applications from qualified pilots who have never competed before.  In fact, your chances of being accepted to more than TWO GIN Wide Open events has now become very low.

For pilots that have 2 or 3 competitions under their belt, but would still prefer to compete in the famous GWO style, with all the support, parties, fun and prizes, we created the Naviter Open.  It’s the perfect opportunity to meet up with old friends, fly achievable tasks all in the same friendly atmosphere for which the GIN Wide Open has become so well-known.

What differences between the GWO & Naviter?
There are more similarities than differences, but below are the main differences:

General: The GIN Wide Open is aimed at pilots trying out competition flying for the first or second time.  Occasionally pilots have slightly more experience, but on average pilots have experience of 1 competition or less.  In contrast, most of the pilots participating in the Naviter Open will have some (though still not much!) competition experience.

Officialdom: The Naviter Open will continue to be registered as a CAT 2 FAI competition and require a Sporting licence to be issued by your National Body. If you want to compete purely in a fun atmosphere then the GWO will offer less pressure and easier access, but if you want to learn all aspects of competing, whilst still maintaining almost as much fun, then the Naviter is the route to go.

Tasks:  At the GWO, the aim is to get as many people in goal as possible.  In previous years, we’ve had up to 90% of the pilots in goal on a 50km task with many pilots breaking their personal best in the process.  Whilst the tasks at the Naviter Open might be slightly longer and slightly more challenging, our task setting will still be kind (we love having lots of happy pilots in goal!)

Who organizes these events?
The Naviter Open is organized by Brett Janaway and his team, on behalf of Naviter, the makers of the Oudie instruments. The GWO is now organized by Toby Colombe and his team and will be completely separate and independent of the Naviter Open.

What wing can I fly?
At the GWO, most pilots fly EN-B or EN-C wings.  There are usually a few EN-A gliders and almost no EN-D gliders.  Like the GWO, the Naviter Open does not allow uncertified gliders or Competition Class gliders, but you are more likely to see a few EN-D gliders at the Naviter Open. We also restrict 2-liners gliders from the competition.

I can't use a GPS!
We encourage pilots to become familiar with how to use their GPS units before the event.  In reality, many (maybe even most!) pilots will learn a lot about navigating a competition tasks during the GIN Wide Open.  At the Naviter Open, most pilots are likely to be more-or-less familiar with their GPS units (having competed in at least one previous competition)

What Briefings/debriefs and talks are there?
We will be giving in-depth briefs and debriefs for tasks at the event. Our aim is to brief in enough depth that no one takes off without having a complete understanding of the task they are about to fly, and once the day is finished, for them to understand how they could have done it better.

We will also give a range of talks in the evenings according to the mood of the day, all designed to improve your flying in Cross Country and/or Competitions.

How much is the entry fee?
The entry fee for competing pilots in 2019 will be 270 euro*. This includes the entry, transport and retrieves, site fees, talks, briefings and de-briefs, party meals, the last night party and a Naviter Open T-shirt.  As a competing pilot you will automatically be entered into a free draw for some great prizes from our sponsors. For non-flying family and friends, there will be the opportunity to buy entrance tickets to meals and party’s etc.

I have already competed in the Naviter Open before, but don’t feel ready for anything more advanced. Can I still come to the Naviter Open?
You’re welcome to apply as many times as you like and we will try to include as many pilots as possible, regardless of how many times you have been before. The Naviter Open is designed to be a thoroughly supportive, fun and friendly. 

I want to enter the Naviter competition with my partner.  What should I do?
We make a make a special effort for couples. Please email us giving us details of your partner so we can try to allow the two of you.

I want to enter the Naviter competition with a friend (or as a group of friends).  What should I do?
This might not be possible. We make a special effort for couples but because of our strict entry criteria it becomes incredibly complicated to allow for larger groups. Please email us giving us details of your group so we can try as best as we can, but please do not rely on the entire group getting in.

Me and my friends are of mixed experience (some have never competed before and others have several times).  Should we apply for?
If flying as a group is more important to you than which competition you enter, we would suggest you apply for the Naviter Open.  The Naviter Open is certainly open to first time competition pilots.

Can I enter if I’ve never really used my GPS before?
The Naviter Open is the prefect training ground to really get to grips with your GPS unit.  Not only will learning how to use a GPS properly help during the competition, but it will also transform your personal XC flying.

What prizes are there?
The Naviter Open has some of the best prizes of any paragliding competition.  The list of prizes up for grabs just keeps getting longer.  For the main part, we have Naviter & Flytec instruments. But there will be more available at the event. But the event is not about prizes, so please don't come just to win a prize.

How are the prizes given?
The organisers shall award the prizes in any manner they choose throughout the event. In principle there will not be prizes for winning any flying tasks, but they shall be given on a discretionary basis. For the major prizes they will be awarded at the end of the event, during the final party, and will be decided by way of a lottery draw ("names from a hat"). Any pilot not in attendance at the draw will not be eligible to win a prize.

What is an IPPI card?
The term IPPI stands for International Pilot Proficiency Information. It is issued by your National Association and reflects the standard you are trained to. For example, a UK pilot would contact the BHPA office who would issue a license at IPPI 4, if you are Pilot rated, at a cost of £11. Do not confuse it with a Sporting License.

What is a Sporting License?
This is a license to be able to compete in an FAI sanctioned competition. It is issued by your National Association and usually all pilots are eligible to hold it. For example, a UK pilot would contact the BHPA office who would issue a license at a cost of £11. Whilst an IPPI card is not required, a sporting licence is required for this event.




* The entry fee is set in EUR, but for ease of payment for British based pilots we will offer a GBP rate. This rate may change on occasion to equate to the current exchange rates.

A Sports Classe (EN-A to EN-C event with FAI Cat2 status for paraglider pilots wanting to take their competition flying to the next level.


General Info


Registration opens soon

Registration for the Naviter Open event started on December 19th at 11am CET. Payments can start paying from Thursday 3rd January 2019.

The venue for 2019 is Tolmin, SLOVENIA. This venue has a long history of competitions, both big and small and we feel it is the right choice for the 2019 Naviter Open.

Dates are 15 - 22 June 2019


Sponsors and prizes

We are pleased to announce the following sponsors:

Naviter (Oudie & Seeyou)
Cross Country Magazine

We have a generous selection of prizes to give at this years events instruments, holidays and much more!


What is the Naviter Open?

The Naviter Open is more than just a paragliding competition. It's an Event. It includes all the following and more:

FAI Competition
Talks from experts
Task briefings & debriefings
Prizes galore
Achievable XC
Top pilots flying with you
Lots of coaching & tips
Fun Fun Fun


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