• The GIN Wide Open

The Team

The competition has been organised by Brett Janaway a very well known British paraglider guide. He has pulled together a team who are all very well qualified in their areas of expertise.

Brett has been guiding pilots for a number of years with xTc Paragliding. He has been Meet Director for the GWO and Naviter Open from the outset, as well as for other competitions such as the Nordic, Belgian and British Champs. Brett also holds World Records for XC and has had considerable success at competing over the years. He will again be the Meet Director for this competition.
Brett Janaway
Stan Radzikowski
Stan is a legend in the paragliding competition world. He has flown in competitions since they started, competed at the top level in FAI and PWC competitions, and demonstrated an outstanding ability to beat modern competition wings using his EN-B paraglider. An outstanding guide and presenter, Stan is a real asset to the team. Together with Brett, he is co-organiser of the Naviter Open.
Brett has been scoring events for many years and with his semi-automated systems, you will find this job is no longer as comlicated as it used to be, and you will not be queuing to do this.
Brett Janaway
Another veteran of the competition scene, Barbara will ensure minimal time is spent downloading allowing more time to enjoy your evening.
Barbara St Albyrn
Stefana is a long time competitor and pilot with a broad experience and skill base. Friendly and patient, he will solve the problems for us.


A Sports Classe (EN-A to EN-C event with FAI Cat2 status for paraglider pilots wanting to take their competition flying to the next level.


General Info


Registration opens soon

Registration for the Naviter Open event started on December 19th at 11am CET. Payments can start paying from Thursday 3rd January 2019.

The venue for 2019 is Tolmin, SLOVENIA. This venue has a long history of competitions, both big and small and we feel it is the right choice for the 2019 Naviter Open.

Dates are 15 - 22 June 2019


Sponsors and prizes

We are pleased to announce the following sponsors:

Naviter (Oudie & Seeyou)
Cross Country Magazine

We have a generous selection of prizes to give at this years events instruments, holidays and much more!


What is the Naviter Open?

The Naviter Open is more than just a paragliding competition. It's an Event. It includes all the following and more:

FAI Competition
Talks from experts
Task briefings & debriefings
Prizes galore
Achievable XC
Top pilots flying with you
Lots of coaching & tips
Fun Fun Fun


Update your details

For 2019 we will again be using the Airtribune platform for all registrations and event management. Airtribune offers a superior platform for the organisation of events in general.

In order to allow a faster registration for yourself on December 19th, we encourage you to register an account with Airtribune today.

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